R Cube Fashion Logistics

  1. Experience in handling and transporting hanging garments
  2. E-commerce solution, warehousing, quality inspection platform in the India market
  3. Competitive rates
  4. Providing Consolidation platforms for customers
  5. Solutions design as per customer requirement.
  6. Sourcing / Manufacturing GOH containers

R Cube Healthcare Logistics

  1. Right solution for Product – Temp control / Service providers
  2. Sourcing Thermal Blankets / Packaging solution due to the nature of goods
  3. Reefer / Cold Chain management to maintain integrity of the product
  4. Handling Process ( SOP )

R Cube Automotive Logistics

  1. Warehousing – short term storage
  2. Optimized Packaging Solution
  3. Vendor Management Inventory
  4. E-commerce solution

R Cube Perishable Logistics

  1. Handling Process ( SOP )
  2. Sourcing Thermal Blankets
  3. Airline Pallet allocation to ensure improve operation process
  4. Solutions in terms of Packaging