1. Operation Management at your existing warehouse
  2. Fully manage network of plug and play – multi user facility
  3. Management of domestic and international transport
  4. Value Added Services
    1. Kitting, QC, Amazon Seller Flex, Flipkart Plus, Myntra JIT
  5. Swift rollout of operations based on Client configuration
    1. Control all aspects of service, technology, process and trained man power
    2. Number of customizations available to support the client needs – example Invoicing can be done through our or client system
  6. APIs to communicate supply chain data across other systems
    1. Integrations available for most ERP/CRM systems like Ramco / Navision / SAP / Tally
    2. Custom integration possible with well defined set of APIs to exchange order inventory information
Contract Logistics Solutions
  1. Transparent and automatic reporting of agreed SLAs / KPIs
  2. Controlling all aspects of service ensures fast roll out improvements in processes and technology
  3. All stake holders can efficiently communicate on the same platform
    1. Client, vendor, transporter, finance, customer support
  4. Evolving set of date analytics to provide quality information systems to take smart management decisions
    1. Quality of inventory / Customer analysis / Transport performance
  5. Best in class audit process to ensure 99.9 % inventory available for sale